Honoring Mother Earth

International Mother Earth Day

An in depth look into nature – Online forum of ecological philosophy

Initiated in 1969 by Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day has been celebrated annually to coordinate action in response to global environmental concerns and to sound the alarm on the deteriorating condition of our planet.  

In this online forum, we hope to show a different perspective to our Mother Earth, to examine our planet from the perspective of philosophy – the Love of Wisdom.

We want to show that Mother Earth needs our protection, not only for its essential contributions to humankind, but for its own magnificent and beautiful life. Above all we hope to learn from its wonders.   

The New Acropolis International Organization, with its thousands of volunteers around the world, has been active since 1957 in the protection and cleaning of the environment, as well as in offering an education for values that places dignity and inner wealth above the material values which eventually lead to waste and pollution.

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