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What is New Acropolis?

New Acropolis is an International Organization that promotes an ideal of timeless values in order to contribute to individual and collective development, working in the fields of Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering.


Comparative studies and a way of life aligned with our highest values.


Enriching the social environment so that all individuals can find the nourishment they need.


To act because it is right and not because it is profitable.

Our Founding Principles


To promote an Ideal of international fraternity, based on respect for human dignity, beyond racial, sexual, cultural, religious, social or other differences.


To encourage the love of wisdom through the comparative study of philosophies, religions, sciences and arts, in order to promote the knowledge of the human being, the laws of Nature and the Universe.


To develop the best of the human potential, by promoting the realization of the human being as an individual and his or her integration as an active and conscious part of society and nature, in order to improve the world.

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Presidency of New Acropolis

Jorge Ángel Livraga Rizzi, was the founder and first President of the International Organization New Acropolis until his death in 1991.

From 1991 to 2020, the presidency of the International Organization New Acropolis was in charge of Delia Steinberg Guzmán, who was Honorary President from 2020 until her death in 2023.

Since 2020, the president of the International Organization New Acropolis has been Carlos Adelantado Puchal.

The organization is currently present in more than 50 countries.


Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi

The many facets of Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi can be seen reflected in his life’s work: the International Organisation New Acropolis, which is present today in over 50 countries.

His approach consisted in proposing a revival of the idea of a School of Philosophy in the classical tradition and reintroducing the Socratic method as the human being’s search for wisdom and knowledge. In antiquity, these schools – such as Plato’s Academy, Aristotle’s Lyceum or the Neoplatonic School of Alexandria – helped to inject new vitality and to give new direction to the societies of their times. This need for renewal re-emerged in the middle of the 20th century, with deep roots in the classical tradition and a forward looking vision towards the 3rd millennium.

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Current International President

Carlos Adelantado Puchal

Carlos Adelantado was born in Castellón (Spain) on January 1, 1964.

At the age of 19, while studying philosophy at university, he began attending classes at the New Acropolis School of Philosophy in Castellón and supporting its many activities. He was later appointed director of the school where, over a period of 23 years, he developed a number of cultural and social volunteering projects under the umbrella of the Castalia Cultural Centre. He was also coordinator of the various New Acropolis centres in the Levante area of Spain. At the same time, he continued to study and teach philosophy and was awarded the degree of “Specialist in Eastern and Western Philosophy” by the International Organization New Acropolis based in Brussels.

He has been teaching different subjects in the curriculum of the New Acropolis School of Philosophy for more than 30 years, as well as giving lectures and participating in academic conferences. His approach has always emphasized the need to put philosophy into practice and apply it in addressing the problems of today’s world.

In 2013 he moved to Madrid to take over the management of the head office of New Acropolis in Spain and carry out a number of management responsibilities at a national level. In Madrid, he has promoted activities to make the rich historical and artistic heritage of the city known to a wider public, along with other projects for the promotion of culture.

In 2017 he was appointed Deputy International President of the IONA and in 2020 he took up his current post as International President.

Late Honorary President

Delia Steinberg Guzmán

As the former honorary president and previously as International president of the International Organisation New Acropolis, Delia Steinberg Guzmán continued and developed the legacy of its founder Jorge Angel Livraga (1931-1991).

Combining her musical background as a former concert pianist with an eclectic range of university studies in humanities and sciences, she consistently focused her energies on the cultivation of philosophy as a way of life. Guided by the idea that the best form of teaching is by example, she concentrated on passing on her practical understanding of philosophy in the classical tradition through classes and lectures and through her numerous writings. Her most recent works in the field of practical philosophy are The Everyday Hero, Philosophy for Living and The Path to Victory.

Although she left behind her musical career to devote herself to philosophy, she continued to promote the musical arts as a part of the cultural offering of New Acropolis, founding the Tristan Institute for Music and Arts Education, and the Delia Steinberg International Piano Competition, which is aimed at fostering young musical talent.

In reality, she always saw a close link between music and philosophy, for as the Roman philosopher Plotinus famously wrote: “Philosophy is a music made by the soul in the silent dimension of the invisible.”


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