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What is New Acropolis

New Acropolis is an International Organization that promotes an ideal of timeless values in order to contribute to individual and collective development, working in the fields of Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering.

Philosophy. Comparative studies and a way of life aligned with our highest values.

Culture. Enriching the social environment so that all individuals can find the nourishment they need.

Volunteering. To act because it is right and not because it is profitable.

Our founding principles

1- Fraternity

To promote an Ideal of international fraternity, based on respect for human dignity, beyond racial, sexual, cultural, religious, social or other differences.

2- Knowledge

To encourage the love of wisdom through the comparative study of philosophies, religions, sciences and arts, in order to promote the knowledge of the human being, the laws of Nature and the Universe.

3- Development

To develop the best of the human potential, by promoting the realization of the human being as an individual and his or her integration as an active and conscious part of society and nature, in order to improve the world.

Philosophy Introductory Course.

Study the most essential and practical ideas of the civilizations of the East and West.

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